Mio MiVue 698 Dual 2.7″DVR Super HD Front Rear Dash Camera GPS Accident Recorder

Like numerous individuals you want the protection and video evidence that a dash cam could give. In the occasion of an accident, road rage or criminal damage, a dash cam could be a vital device.

Purchasing a dashboard camera could be a challenging task as there are thousands of designs to select from. Just how do you recognize which one is best for you? Which one has the attributes and also reliability you require on your day-to-day commute? Some dash cams are much better then others. They use much better video clip top quality, ease of usage and will certainly just last much longer!

Find some great prices on Mio MiVue 698 Dual 2.7"DVR Super HD Front Rear Dash Camera GPS Accident Recorder below. This product is an ideal choice when it comes to picking out a new dashboard camera.

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Dash Cam Purchasing Info

We placed this overview together to assist you in finding the very best dash cam for your needs as well as your budget. We will discuss the current attributes and also exactly how they can aid you make a decision which dashboard camera deserves your investment.

Dash Cam Features Explained


A g-sensor will automatically conserve and lock the video and conserve in situation of a collision losing your data.

GPS Logger

A GPS logger will videotape the precise location as well as speed an accident or event occurs at.

Loop Recording

Loop taping ensures that you never run out of information storage as older files are written over when your flash memory card is complete.

Video Resolution

The higher the resolution a dash cam provides indicates the higher the detail of the video clip photo that can be taped. This is very important when you require should read a permit plate number or various other tiny information. When you require to check out a license plate number or various other little information, this is essential. Look for at least 1980 x 1080 resolution when picking a dash cam. Stay clear of any versions that have a maximum resolution of 720p as this will certainly result in poor image quality. Resolution: The greater the resolution a dash cam provides implies the greater the detail of the video clip image that could be taped. Look for at least 1980 x 1080 resolution when choosing a dash cam.


This suggests Wide Dynamic Range as well as helps prevent under as well as over exposures to offer clearer video high quality under many circumstances.

Price Range

We could divide dash cams into 3, three basic price ranges-budget, mid level and premium

Budget dashboard camera designs typically cost much less then $50. They are usually very standard and do not supply features such as GPS. Lots of are common or knock-offs that are marketed under many different brands. We recommend preventing many of these as video clip and general quality is usually rather bad. Budget dash cam designs typically cost less then $50.

Mid Range dash cams cost in between $50 to $150 as well as use wonderful value most of the times. These dash cams have many of the functions that you will certainly want as well as will give reliable operation.

Premium dash cameras models can set you back hundreds of bucks however will give you with miraculous features and degrees of security. These luxury models are currently starting to include functions such as Wifi as well as cloud storage to make accessing your dash cam videos less complicated then ever before.

Acquiring a new dashboard cams should be enjoyable as well as interesting! Just keep in mind to spend some time to investigate the versions that fit your needs and also budget plans to be sure they are right for you. Review customer evaluations and also inspect out the most recent video clips available for the versions you are considering. Suggestion: stay clear of dash cams that have several user evaluates specifying that they got this thing absolutely free or at a reduced price for their truthful testimonial. Buying Mio MiVue 698 Dual 2.7"DVR Super HD Front Rear Dash Camera GPS Accident Recorder must be fun as well as interesting! Pointer: stay away from dash cams that have multiple customer examines specifying that they obtained this product for cost-free or at an affordable cost for their honest testimonial.